if not now

by transparent blanche

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released March 25, 2007




transparent blanche Sweden

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Track Name: LIME
you've been hurt by the freindship
I did it for the love
you'd spit me kicked me compressed me in a hole
in the name of God
this is what honesty give
the truth that I deserve
if I only could shut up like a child believe of benevolence
you politely declined and walked away
you'd crawled between unspoken words and pushed me in a well, in a well

I am uncovered skin when I've got punch through my lips as the same time you walked away to the dancefloor
the hope is a distaste from my bear
there's nothing left
have marked my scars with bandage
are you willy to open them?
this is the last time I show my truth
look what it gaved
my first love, curse, obsessed with manic existence
and tragic pleasure

willy to love yourself can't happen
there's someting deep down in me world of it's own
my whole life conspiracy
something says love yourself because others wont do
from bottom up to the top of the straw
pscysical inject me with love
leave the life of denying
what else are you asking for?

like a starry-eyed shape who walk in visions to fail
to crack a mark with a fuckin bloody mail
how good you could make me feel your strenght in your hand your gaze passed through me your presens to understand
I never got the hand the gaze and I never got you
I never got you I never got you I never got you
I never got you I never got you
Track Name: No Self Pity
we can start with the cum that you swallowed
you do every mans job
cleaning, feeding, being that perfect mother
the screwed cribs don't deserve that
you're trying to keep on fighting
the day is in to be free

goodbye to every sorrow empowerment your puberty online
you will grab her, rape her tie her up to please the hour
you already died want you even try take a preview on your cam too, she only cruising to survive, dance for him

make room for the strangers, they're knocking on your door tonight don't forget to pay her when you're leaving
thats her dailybread to survive, empty pounds

don't be like the others
don't be weak particulary blind
request all the questions
finding answers
Im just speaking without a mouth
count down the hours count down for me
we just striving for equality for humanbeings

no self pity
is like masturbation
no self pity
is like masturbation
lord please forgive me