Recorded lo-fi


Wake up
youre the reason I've trust
(youre the reason I've lost)
youre the reason I found myself up in your most
This hate/your regret
and blames it remains/in your head
so get high on sunday mornings flash back mr goldfish

and the time that tored us apart
will I ever be apart of (you) this crew

and you moan
run faster john mob
this pusher gonna push out every push out every single foe

and the time that tored us apart
you are a bombshell with balls

refr: why you treat me with bliss
why you treat my with love
why you treat me youre allover the same.

time diquise secret clouds
I'm on a spaceship ride
and I'm so damn high
dont wanna touch the ground
( I wanna touch the sky)
this purest melody of sound
and youre allover the same, insane

the past cannot be changed the past cant not be a range ...


from Give up the ghost, released October 28, 2011




transparent blanche Sweden

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